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The sounds of young voices filled the Shawnee Civic Center. “I’ve always wanted to do this for youths,” said Matt Mann, Shawnee’s Recreation Coordinator. KidsFest Business Fair is in its first year. “Kids all have different interests. Some do sports, some do different things,” said Mann. Then Mann got an idea. “I wanted that creative side to show. We have hosted craft festivals in the past. Kids would apply. We started working towards a crafts fair,” said Mann. Shortly after, some sponsorships jumped on the idea of a Kids Business fair. “We found ‘Acton Children’s Business…

Katlin Gould Silks Story.

An elegant woman is flowing gracefully between two strands of long hanging silk. She moves through intricate twists and turns in a way that seems to defy gravity. In reality, this serious silks actor is cleverly using the strength of her whole body and nimble wrappings of the silks to allow her to flip and fly in nearly any direction. To a casual observer, this mesmerizing display of acrobatics and movement is quite captivating. …

Local data driven consultant firm (No-Where Consultants) provides a connection to local businesses in the heartland of America.

River market.

The rumbling street car goes past Plexpod in the River Market.

There aren’t many voices heard these days throughout the halls of the decorated co-working space.

At her computer, Larissa Uredi, CEO of No-Where Consultants connects with a client on a virtual Zoom call.

“One of my gifts is to bring people together,” said Uredi proudly.

Working through the pandemic, with local businesses.

Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, Uredi has found the opportunity to inspire innovation to entrepreneurs…

One Midwest based Entrepreneur’s mission to help women feel ‘cooler’.

Becoming a garment brand for Jeanette Knittel wasn’t the first idea she had in mind. ‘Alvoru’ a company based in neighboring Shawnee, Kansas is transforming women’s lives. “Helping hot women become cooler,” exclaimed Knittel. Many women suffer from hot flashes and night sweats. So, Knittel’s curiosity began to take shape. So Knittel started doing some research. Two scientists who had worked at NASA, had came up with a material that helps regulate body temperature. Astronauts in space naturally had trouble providing themselves with a comfortable median when it came to…

National Events Group Positive Posse hosts Glow Silent Disco 3.0 in America’s heartland

(From 2019; Pre-covid 19 pandemic)

Sounds of shuffling feet. Hushed voices fill the halls of Science City at historic Union Station. Wireless headphones were given out to the roughly 600 people that attended the event. Positive Posse hosted a Glow Silent Disco in the city’s historic train station, last weekend. In the Science City portion of the train station, patrons were allowed to roam the interactive section. “It made the experience awesome because it was interactive. You could play with the games and go to the dance…

Innovative LGBTQ Marketplace, one of the first of its kind provides valuable resources in the heartland of America

Checking off his list, Eliot Wiersgalla founder and owner of Pansy, reflects on the process. “I won’t have everything I want right away. But being focused on getting the marketplace right first, is the goal right now,” said Wiersgalla. Pansy is Kansas City’s first established LGBTQ marketplace. Having just been launched in January of 2020, Wiersgalla is launching his company’s presence in cyberspace. “I’ve spent a lot of time establishing my social media presence. So people know they can come to us,”…

When young people quit sports, it’s the beginning of a downward spiral with effects that ripple throughout lifetimes, said William Brandmeyer.

The trend is avoidable, the leader of the ShareWaves Foundation said.

“Young people are dropping out of sports before high school because there’s too much pressure. They aren’t having fun anymore,” said Brandmeyer, vice president of community relations and impact at Union Broadcasting, the parent company of 810 WHB sports radio in Kansas City. “We believe the solutions are local.”

ShareWaves is a nonprofit organization — an offshoot of Union Broadcasting — with a goal to promote, foster and…

Emoji My City launches its hometown emoji keyboard with winks to iconic Kansas City

Kansas City scenes from the Kauffman Center to 18th and Vine. Winks to local trends and celebrities. A playful push puts whimsical KC in the mobile devices of hometown fans and visitors alike.

And it comes courtesy of the team that helped rebrand Kansas City’s now-iconic logo in 2013.

In the age of digital marketing, regionally-specific emojis, stickers and gifs can play an important role in the infrastructure of a community’s civic pride, economic development and tourism potential, said Emily Elmore, founder of Single Wing Creative…


Every weave. Every thread stitched. Every detail matters. To Anita Koul, founder of KUFUKAA, a Kansas City based company, that means the world. KUFUKAA provides a platform for artisans that produce handicrafts from different parts of the globe. “The things in which they are producing are really incredible. It appeals to an international audience,” said Koul. ‘KUFUKAA’ is a Swahilian word that means ‘evolve’ in English. Showcasing their abilities to make unique and exquisite designs. Using a variety of materials that are unique to the region the handicraft is made. “Our mission is to promote a sustainable environment…

Opening pitch: Sandlot Goods’ new workshop puts fresh spin on its best-selling wallet

As Sandlot Goods moves deeper into a new workspace off Southwest Boulevard, the six-year-old premier maker is stitching an aesthetic that holds true to its classic appeal but ventures away from hometown branding.

“In the last year, we have been dialing back the overly Kansas City feel,” said Chad Hickman, owner of Sandlot Goods. “We get a lot of orders from out of state online. It has become more of the go-to Kansas City shop for travelers and goers.”

Specializing in leather goods — as well as…

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